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Xa lộ Mỹ

Award of Excellence: State Route 17, Village of Horseheads, New York Photo of State Route 17 (future Interstate 86) with multi-level interchanges.

Photo of elevated, four-lane expressway, with combination retaining/noise walls and bridges over the local cross streets.

Designer: Bergmann Associates, Rochester, NY
Contractor: The Lane Construction Corporation, Cheshire, CT
Owner: New York State Department of Transportation, Region 6, Hornell, NY
Honorable Mention: Interstate 405 Corridor Program:Kirkland Nickel, Stage 1 Widening Project, Kirkland, Washington

Photo of Forbes Creek, which was enhanced during the project.Photo of the community side of noise wall with a stone pattern finish.

Award of Excellence: "New" Phalen Boulevard Corridor, St. Paul, Minnesota

Photo of the approach into the ne Phalen Boulevard from the west over the first bridge structure.  The corridor includes decorative street lights and aesthetic bridge railing.  The roadway leads into an area with new business park developments.

Aerial photo of the previously existing and blighted industrial brownfield areas east of downtown St. Paul and photo of a new housing redevelopment and restoration of a wetland that had been paved over by development decades ago

Honorable Mention: State Route 8, Mae West Bend Project, Etna Borough and Shaler Township, PennsylvaniaAerial photo of the signalized intersection.  State Route 8 curves around the rock cut slope to approach the intersection.

Photo of the new pavement cross-section with a high rock cut slope on the left and the new retaining wall on the right.Photo taken from Pine Creek showing the retaining wall and rock cut-slope from below.

Award of Excellence: U.S. Routes 22/322, Lewistown Narrows Project,
Derry Township and Fermanagh Township, Pennyslvania

Photo of the top section of the bifurcated freeway.  The roadway curves along the contours of the hillside.Photo showing the construction of the curving MSE walls that will separate the upper and lower portions of the bifurcated freeway.Photo of the lower section of the bifurcated freeway, showing the completed MSE wall.

Award of Excellence: East Entrance Road, Sylvan Pass to East EntranceYellowstone National Park, Wyoming

East Entrance Road, Sylvan Pass to East Entrance
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Curvilinear alignment and retaining walls reduce the impact to the surrounding slopes and help the East Entrance Road remain true to its historic alignment. Weatherized steel guardrail blends into the natural colors present along the route.Stone guardwall accentuates the curvilinear alignment as the East Entrance Road enters Sylvan Pass. Widened and deepened ditches along the erosive cut slopes minimize rockfall hazards.

Honorable Mention: U.S. Route 212, Beartooth Highway, Cooke City, Wyoming Beartooth Highway curves at the base of a rock slope with evergreen forests and rugged mountains in the background. In the early 1930’s, Beartooth Highway was constructed as a long approach road to Yellowstone.

The road curves gently to the left through a corridor of evergreens with mountains in the background. Wider shoulders, added pullouts, increased parking areas, and access improvements have enhanced safety and mobility and improved visitor experience.

Designers: Robert Peccia and Associates, Helena, MT and FHWA Western Federal Lands Highway Division, Vancouver, WA
Contractor: Rice-Kilroy, Dubois, WY
Owner: Yellowstone National Park

Honorable Mention: Flowery Trail Road Between Chewelah and Usk, Washington

Curvilinear downgrade with guardrail surrounded by trees with mountains in the background.Large truck passing through large thru cut. Completion of Flowery Trail has opened a new corridor for industry.

Award of Excellence: Lee Roy Selmon Crosstown Expressway Expansion, Tampa, Florida
Completed Photo

In areas with limited access, concrete segments were delivered over the completed portions of the elevated roadway. Maintaining traffic during construction is a benefit important to the future of expanding our national transportation corridors.Bridge technology was applied in a non-traditional manner to this congested urban corridor, resulting in bridges that utilize only 6’ of the existing median in order to add six lanes of capacity. Minimal right-of-way was required.Ridership on the elevated lanes have exceeded projections and significantly reduced congestion and commute times between eastern suburbs and Tampa, on both the tolled expressway and parallel US 60. Commuters’ drive time has been reduced by more than 50%.
Honorable Mention:Interstate 490, Troup Howell Bridge Replacement, Rochester, New York

Photo showing the three-rib arch, cross-bracing, and fanned cables connecting the arch to the bridge deck.Night view of the bridge with decorative lighting  emphasizing the arch and the fanned cables.

Honorable Mention: Interstate 280, Veterans' Glass City Skyway,Toledo, Ohio

Reflecting in the Maumee River, the Veterans' Glass Skyway has changed Toledo’s skyline, while addressing I-280 vehicular and river congestion. Interstate traffic now moves freely, high above the river, unfettered by the bascule bridge.Unidirectional cantilever erection, precast concrete delta frames and an innovation cable stay cradle system allowed for rapid construction of the main span. In this image, it is evident where glass will be installed on the upper 196’ of the pylons.Energy efficient LED lights behind the pylon glass are programmed to provide displays that vary with the seasons and holidays. The flag display is shown on Fourth of July, 9/11 and Veterans’ Day.

Award of Excellence: Thurston Avenue Bridge over Fall Creek, Ithaca, New York

Photo showing the side view of the bridge, with the crest of the existing arch just underneath the bridge deck and the new tubular arches rising above the bridge deck.Aerial photo of the bridge crossing over the ravine and river, with a dam upstream and intersection near both ends of the bridge.
Honorable Mention: Foothills Parkway (Missing Link), Sevier County, Tennessee

Photo showing construction of one of the bridge abutments on the steep slope.Photo showing the bridge as it curves along the hillside.

Honorable Mention: State Route 126, Fenton Lake Bridge, La Cueva and Cuba, New Mexico

Photo of the completed bridge from the far side of Fenton Lake.  The bridge is nearly hidden from view at the base of the pine-covered mountains across the valley.Photo of the low-profile bridge while it is under construction.Photo of the wetlands crossed by the new bridge.

Award of Excellence: LYNX Blue Line Light Rail Station at I-485/South Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina

Photo of construction of multi-level parking structure.Aerial view of the finished parking structure, the top of which has become a grass playing field for the neighboring school.

Honorable Mention: Interstate 5, International Friendship Plaza, San Diego, California

Before and after views of the Camiones Way cul-de-sac plaza and walkways.  The finished cul-de-sac is enhanced with vegetation, decorative railing, and colored concrete.Photographic collage of design details highlighting graphic and decorative pavements, separated bikeway, furnishings, and landscaping.  Images in the decorate pavements use color and texture to portray images of local wildlife, history, and names of local places.

Award of Excellence: State Route 58, Lowell Covered Bridge, Lowell, Oregon

Information kiosk with covered bridge in background. The Lowell Covered Bridge project brings together different elements: traveler services, history, local recreation, and education on forests as renewable resources.Parking area with lake views and restroom in background. Public restrooms, picnic facilities, walkways and parking facilities to accommodate cars, recreational vehicles, busses, and bicycles were constructed.View of Lowell Covered Bridge. Constructed in 1945, the Lowell Covered Bridge is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Honorable Mention: Georgia 511State of Georgia

Mascots representing the  5-1-1 travel information number, with Santa Claus, on location at Gwinnett Place Mall.GDOT's Traffic Management Center Operations Floor, with computer workstations for staff and a wall of screens for viewing data and live images of traffic and roadway conditions.

Award of Excellence: State Route 61, Cameron Bridge ProjectCity of Shamokin, Coal Township, Pennsylvania

Overhead view of the bridge near completion, with the existing bridge still in place.  The new bridge is wider and the alignment smoother to provide for a better flow of traffic.Photo of traffic flowing at the new signalized intersection of SR 61 and the Connector road just north of the bridge.

Honorable Mention: U.S. Route 61, Liberty Road Interchange, Natchez, Mississippi

Photo of the completed Liberty Road interchange showing landscaping, decorative lighting and bridge railings, and aesthetic details on the bridge.Aerial view of the Liberty Road interchange.The bridge included enhanced details at the bridge piers and abutments to simulate architectural features such as columns, arches, and cornices.

Award of Excellence:U.S. Route 90, Biloxi Bay Bridge,Biloxi, MississippiPhoto showing the long, flowing curves to accommodate marine traffic under the Biloxi Bay Bridge, lighted against the night sky.

Honorable Mention: Interstate 5, High Occupancy Vehicle Design-Build Project, Everett, Washington

Photo of the I-5 freeway with noise walls on both sides.Photo showing the fly-over structure and ramps for direct-access HOV lanes.Photo showing the 41 St. single-point interchange with I-5.

Award of Excellence: Project Planning and Controls Program

An example of the Resource Analysis Report.  This is a histogram showing resource usage over six months of the project.

Owner: FHWA Central Federal Lands Highway Division (CFLHD), Lakewood, CO

This is an example of flow charts used to describe project management processes.

Award of Excellence: Mn/DOT Historic Roadside Developments Management ProgramState of Minnesota
State of Minnesota

This photo depicts a historic roadside overlook development above the Mississippi River and along the Great River Road in St. Paul - one of the sites that will be restored with the restoration funding package authorized by the MN LegislatureThis photo depicts the deteriorated and neglected condition of a historic roadside development feature that needs restoration along TH 10 near St. Cloud.

Congratulations to the winners and all who participated in the 2008 Excellence in Highway Design Biennial Awards Program.

Route 9 Reconstruction: New York, NY
Carson Street Reconstruction: Torrance, CA
Historic Columbia River Highway: Multnomah, Hood River, and Wasco Counties, OR
State Route 89 Emerald Bay: Eldorado County, CA
East Main Street Reconstruction: Westminster, MD
U.S. Route 101 Lincoln Beach Parkway: Lincoln County, OR

Vài Dự Án bị chê (Museum of Dumb Highway DesignOddities of the Oklahoman & American transportation infrastructure)

suburban Brighton, Michigan where Interstate 96 (left-right) meets U.S. 23 (up-down).(

Interstate 35 at Indian Hills Road in rural Moore (

McDonalds Interstate 44 Exit at Wellston, Oklahoma(

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