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Vài tác phẩm kiến trúc độc đáo(25)

10 ngôi nhà đẹp & mắc nhất TG:

10. Dracula’s Castle, Romania: $ 135 million

Maybe sounds creepy, Dracula’s Castle. But It’s actually a romanian castle. It was a museum during 1980s until the owner Archduke Dominic put the castle on sale. He offer the castle for the price of 80 million dollars. Still no one have a deal with that amount of money. Again, He want to sale 2 years ago but there’s no news about the price and the status of the ownership till now. This amazing house, castle actually, is an old building that has 57 rooms, 17 bedrooms that decorate with beautiful antique furniture. It’s located in the top of hill so the scenery must be wonderful from there.

most expensive house in the world Dracula's Castle

Dracula's Castle, Romania

9. Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey, UK: $139 million

This large house built on 58 acre of land in the Windlesham neighborhood. This amazing house has 103 rooms with lot of facility needed for a rich person. You can find private cinemas in the north part of the house and bowling alley as well for the sake of recreation. You can also find horse barn, squash and tennis courts in case you need some sport. There’s a marble drive away as well that your limousine will wait for you every morning, it’s large enough for 8 limousines.

most expensive house in the world Updown Court Windlesham Surrey

Updown Court, Windlesham, Surrey

8. “The Manor”, Los Angeles, US: $150 million

Built in 1991 with French Chateau Style, this house is 4248 square meters of building with a total of 4.6 hectares of land in total. It’s the biggest house in Los Angeles that privately owned. The main house is located at the end of the long road and well protected with security system. In the house you can find a private cinema, bowling alley, tennis courts, 2 swimming pools for your recreation and you can also find luxurious beauty salon in the attic and spa. If you like jewelry you can put it save on the humidity controlled silver warehouse that available in the house. There are several garden on this house, the 18th century styled garden, roof garden and orange garden. If you have a lot of cars, don’t worry about that. As this house is large enough to park up to 100 cars.

most expensive house in the world The Manor Los Angeles

The Manor, Los Angeles

7. “The Pinnacle”, Montana, US: $155 million

I guess this building is one of the most desirable building for the one that love ski. It’s a ski lodge as well as the largest property in the exclusive private ski and golf community “Yellowstone Club”. Is it the owner’s house? Yes It’s. It’s the house of Tim and Edra Blixseth. It’s not that big compared with other property on this list. Just 10 bedrooms available here. You can find a heated flooring system stretched throughout the house, fireplace in all bathrooms and huge wine cellar. You can also find indoor and outdoor pool as well as gym and massage room.

most expensive house in the world The Pinnacle Montana

The Pinnacle, Montana

6. Franchuk Villa, Kensington, UK: $161 million

You can find this house if you come to Belgravia area in Central London. It’s a six floors building with 20 foot ceilings, lavish equipment and more than 21,000 square ft of space to live. Currently owned by Lebanon’s developer, Musa Salem. It’s now on sale and become the most expensive house on the market now. Mr Salem was bought the house from Grosvenor Estate. The house is built in Victorian Style with many luxury amenities such as swimming pool in the basement, gym, private cinemas, news room and large garage space.

most expensive house in the world Franchuk Villa Kensington

Franchuk Villa, Kensington

5. Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills, US: $165 million

The house was built by the US newspaper tycoon, William Randolph Hearst, and became his prestigious home. This house was purchased by Leonard Ross, a lawyer and investor in 1976. This house has 6 separate residences, 3 swimming pools, 8 fireplaces, tennis court, night club and 29 bedrooms. Those facility is built in 6 hectares of area in the platinum triangle neighboorhood in Beverly Hills. You can be the neighbor of Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and David and Victoria Beckham if you live in this house.

most expensive house in the world Hearst Mansion Beverly Hills

Hearst Mansion, Beverly Hills

4. Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons, US : $170 million

This marvelous house is the house of Ira Rennert. It’s built in 63 acres area and become the largest residential in the US. The house has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, large dining room of 91 feet long. You can find a bowling alley for your entertainment as well. You can find a $150,000 hot tub in this house as well. This beachfront home is completely for private house usage only. You can imagine this building is not a hotel, spa, resort or retreat place.

most expensive house in the world Fairfield Pond The Hamptons

Fairfield Pond, The Hamptons

3. The Penthouse, London, UK: $200 million

This Hyde Park located apartment is the most expensive flat and apartment in the world with a price of £6,000 per sq/ft. The first main feature of this apartment is Security. You can find panic rooms, bulletproof window, Iris scanner, a tunnel to nearby of Mandarin hotel and of course it’s served 24 hours. The facilities you can find here are communal spas, squash courts and you can also find a wine tasting room here.

most expensive house in the world The Penthouse London

The Penthouse, London

2. Villa Leopolda, Cote D’Azur, France: $506 million

This luxury famous villa has a total area of 29,000 square feet. It’s located in French Riviera. It’s famous for the open menicured garden and the beautiful swimming pool. The villa has 11 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. This villa has a great scenery of beachfront in the south of France. It’s built by King Leopold from Belgia and later purchased by Edmund Safra. After the death of Edmund Safra, the house become the house of his wife, Lily Safra. This villa rumored several time to be sold to Bill Gates, Gianni Agnelli as well as undisclosed Russian tycoon.

most expensive house in the world Villa Leopolda Cote D'Azur France

Villa Leopolda, Cote D'Azur, France

1. Antilla, Mumbai, India: $1 billion

This modern gigantic structure is called as Antilla. It’s new house of Mukesh Ambani or Reliance Industries. It’s a 27 floors building with 40,000 square feet in total land space. The building is 570 feet tall with a total of 400,000 square feet of interior space. The building has a dedicated 6 stories for car parking alone to park 168 cars collection of Ambani. Inside the house you will find nine elevators with lot of lounge and personal gym in each floor. This house is served by 600 servants. You can imagine how luxurious this house. This house will be the world’s most expensive house for a while as It’s far more expensive than the second and still there’s no news there’s a person build more expensive house than Antilla.

most expensive house in the world Antilla Mumbai India

Antilla, Mumbai, India

John Loose(Canada), 46 tuổi, làm ra những chuồng chim rất đẹp với giá từ £1,000 đến £15,000.

The massive bird houses come complete with fly-by tunnels and majestic Victorian architecture

The houses are a big hit with the birds themselves, attracting huge flocks of starlings, sparrows and other birds seeking warmth away from the winter chill
Product ID: 16874 Description: Victorian Manor Bird House with Bracket
Earth House
This unique house is located in Switzerland.
It is an earth house, an architectural style characterized by the use of natural terrain to help form the walls of a house.
An earth house is usually set partially into the ground and covered
with thin growth, and is often intended to have a small ecological footprint.

This pretty amazing house is called a rondavel, a traditional African-style house. They are usually round in shape and traditionally made with materials
that can be locally obtained in raw form.
The rondavel's walls are often constructed from stones.
The mortar may consist of sand, soil,
or some combinations of these mixed with dung.
The floor is finished with a processed dung mixture to make it smooth.
The roof braces of a rondavel are made out of tree limbs,
which have been harvested and cut to length.
The roof itself is made out of thatch that is sewn
to the wooden braces with rope made out of grass.

Shell House
One distinct house is the Shell house.
It is the most original house
in Mexico or maybe in the world.
It is one of the most beautiful houses
you will surely enjoy.
It is located in Isla Mujeres northeast
of Yucatan peninsula
in the Caribbean Sea.

Rumah gadang
Rumah gadang which means "big house",
are the traditional homes of the Minangkabau in Indonesia.
The architecture, construction, internal and external decoration,
and the functions of the house reflect the culture and values of the Minangkabau.
A rumah gadang serves as a residence, a hall for family meetings,
and for ceremonial activities.
With the Minangkabau society being matrilineal,
the rumah gadang is owned by the women of the family
who live there - ownership is passed
from mother to daughter.

Toda Hut
The peculiar hut of a Toda Tribe of Nilgiris,
India is noted for the decoration of the front wall,
and the very small door.
The Toda people are a small pastoral community
who live on the isolated Nilgiri plateau of Southern India.
Prior to the late eighteenth century,
the Toda coexisted locally with other communities,
including the Badaga, Kota, and Kurumba,
in a loose caste-like community organization in
which the Toda were the top ranking.

Korowai Tree House
This bizarre house is home to the bizarre tribe called
the Korowai or also called the Kolufo.
They are a people of southeastern Papua
(i.e., the southeastern part of the western part of New Guinea).
Until the 1970s, they were unaware of the existence of any people besides themselves
and some immediately neighboring villages.
Only a few of them have become literate thus far.
They are one of the few surviving peoples in the world
that are thought to possibly still engage in cannibalism.
Others dispute this, saying that these practices ended decades ago and
that there have been no reported instances of cannibalism in over twenty years.

Trulli House
Trulli houses, distinguished by conical store roof,
are traditional in the southeastern region Apulia, Italy.

A palloza is a traditional thatched house as found in the in Galicia, Spain.
They are circular or oval, and about ten ortwenty meters in diameter.
These houses are built to withstand severe winter weather
at a typical altitude of 1,200 meters.
The main structure is stone, and is divided internally into separate areas
for the family and their animals, with separate entrances.
The roof is conical, made from rye straw on a wooden frame.
There is no chimney, the smoke from the kitchen fire seeps out through the thatch.

Earth sheltering is the architectural practice of using earth against building walls
for external thermal mass, to reduce heat loss,
and to easily maintain a steady indoor air temperature.
Earth sheltering is popular in modern times among advocates of passive solar
and sustainable architecture, but has been around for nearly
as long as humans have been constructing their own shelter.
The picture above is Earth covered farm houses located in Keldur, Iceland.

CrannogA crannog is an artificial island, usually originally built in lakes, rivers and estuarine waters, and most often used as an island settlement or dwelling place in prehistoric or medieval times.The name itself may refer to a wooden platform erected on shallow floors, but few remains of this sort have been found.

Mardin Stone Houses Turkey
This Arab-style architecture is located in Mardin, a city in southeastern Turkey.
It is commonly recognized for its Arab-style architecture,
and it also has a strategic position on a rocky mountain overlooking
the plains of northern Syria.

Beehive Mud Houses: Harran, Turkey
These traditional mud houses are located in Harran. The interesting thing about them is
that they were constructed entirely without the use of wood.
The design of these mud houses is believed to have stayed the same
for at least 3,000 years, until about the 1980s,
when they officially stopped being used as living space.

House of Marsh Arabs: Iraq
The Houses of the Marsh Arabs are built from reeds.
They are often constructed on floating platforms woven
from tips of reeds still growing up out of the swamp.
The people travel around by canoe.
The Marsh Arabs' lifestyle is threatened
by drainage projects that are taking water
from swamps, causing them to dry up.

Log Cabin House: USA
The log cabin house is among the first house designs of early America.
It is sturdy and easy to construct,
and can be built by hand to provide shelter in a very short period of time.

10 ngọn hải đăng đẹp nhất TG:

1. Corsewall Lighthouse hotel

Located on the Scotland’s spectacular coastline, this lighthouse hotel is an enchanting world of its own. A small but unique luxury hotel, this is a complete package that every holidaying person looks for.

frontview Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

Good food, great hospitality and plethora of activities all along with a great view is what makes this lighthouse hotel truly a beautiful destination.

2. Molja lighthouse

Located at end of a 100 meter sea wall in Aalesund, Norway, this lighthouse is the perfect blends of old time marine beauty and the modern day hospitality.

molja lighthouse norway Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

A hotel with a view just as beautiful on a bright clear sunny day as it is enchanting in winter mist, this easily makes to the list of the most amazing hotels of the world.

3. Svinoey lighthouse

Experience of the bliss of solitude in one the more beautiful places of the world.

TellUs 1993 65 large Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

Located about 12 nautical miles off the Norwegian coast, this lighthouse hotel offers the experience of a luxury home with all its warmth intact along with the rustic marine décor that is embedded in the very lighthouse light here.

4. Lundy lighthouse

The very essence of this place would instantly transport you to medieval times, complete with little stone cottages, lush green patches, a castle, a church, a farm, pub and a lighthouse to complete the view.

nlight Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

Making one of the most amazing hotels in the world, this lighthouse hotel would be the best bet for anyone with a love for nature and planning to visit England.

5. Saugerties lighthouse

Located close to NY, this lighthouse seems rather out of place but you have to visit it to know how mistaken that notion can be. Close to the Hudson River, this lighthouse is a hotel open year round. With only two bedrooms, this is privacy in style- something very hard to find. With a history of its own, the very lighthouse light here seems enchanting enough.

6a00e54ee984f1883400e54f42e7a98834 800wi Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

But there is a lot more to experience than just that. What will blow your mind away- its beauty and personal touch.

6. Heceta Head lighthouse

Sitting in a room while listening to the rush of ocean when you can almost feel the tides below your feet, the experience is not likely to escape your memory for a very long time.

stuart westmoreland heceta head lighthouse oregon coast Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

One of the most beautiful lighthouse hotels of the world, this hotel offers just that. With accommodation being offered all the year round, this lighthouse is epitome of combination of marine beauty with modern day luxury.

7. Harlingen lighthouse

Redefining heaven on earth, this lighthouse will offer you a complete view of the ocean from every point in your room. All you need to do is to smell the ocean that you can feel right in your room.

lighthouse 1 Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

Spacious, beautiful, comfortable- there is nothing more anyone can ask for in a hotel. And when you get a view like here, you wouldn’t want to bargain either.

8. East brother light station

Located on the straits between San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, this is one of the most unique lighthouse hotels of the world. With rooms offering a variety of decors, the view will compensate any issues you might have with the tiny space of the lighthouse interior.

1096120139037659584S425x425Q85 Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

Experience pleasure of a boat ride, champagne, gourmet food and much more, all at one time.

9. Point Betsie lighthouse

Lighthouse located on the sands of the Traverse City, this is one of the best ways places to enjoy a great experience of beach, sand, drinks, food, history of the marine world and a view of the ocean like no other.

JT MixerPhoto600 Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

And if this is not enough of incentives to visit the place, the homely experience and the warmth of this place should make the cut for you.

10. Yediburunlar lighthouse

Set amongst the backdrop of hills of Yedi, this lighthouse hotel will take your breath away with its beauty. Enjoy the evening sun with best lightshow put by nature herself. Orange and purple would have never looked better together.

2010 06 01 4019 Top 10 Most Beautiful Lighthouse Hotels in the World

The ocean, the breeze, the trees and the surroundings that this lighthouse hotel is set in makes it one of the most beautiful spots to visit, along with of course being one of the most amazing hotels around.

Torre de Hercules, Spain: The lighthouse is also known as the Tower of Hercules. In 2009, this lighthouse became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a National Monument of Spain. It is supposed to have been present right from the second century. The lighthouse stands at 187 feet. The Torre de Hercules is a modern name for the lighthouse as until 20th century it was known as the Farum Brigantium Marine Tower: The Yokohama Marine Tower is known for the two different light flashes emanating from the light tower. The light is flashed every 20 seconds in green and red as alternating colours. The lighthouse is located at Yokohama and was used for the first time in the year 1961. The lighthouse design is unique and according to a few, the marine tower is the tallest lighthouse in the world – at 106 metres Point Lighthouse: Also known as the Pigeon Point Light Station, the lighthouse has been in use since 1861 and is the tallest lighthouse in the Western coast of United States. The lighthouse pictures of the Pigeon Point lighthouse depict a very quaint and serene building. It was built to help ships find their way to the Californian Pacific coast Lighthouse: Also known very popularly as the Burnham-on-Sea lighthouse, the low lighthouse is located in Somerset, England. The lighthouse is built of wood and at its base are wooden legs or pillars. The height of the low lighthouse is 36 feet and it was built in the year 1832. At present, the lighthouse is classified under the Listed Building list (Grade II)ós lighthouse: Located in Iceland, this lighthouse was built between 1938 and 1939 by the then state architect of Iceland Guðjón Samúelsson. The uniqueness of the lighthouse design is that it was the first lighthouse of Iceland to use concrete as a construction material. The lighthouse pictures display a structure that appears to have a vertical black stripe on each of the four sides of the lighthouse. This is another unique feature of the architectural designing of the lighthouse cape lighthouse: This lighthouse was built in the year 1996 to commemorate the rule of the Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej. The uniqueness of the lighthouse design is that the lighthouse’s crown is topped with gold. The lighthouse is located to the South of Phuket Lighthouse: The lighthouse is located in the European country of Estonia. It was built in the year 16th century (1531) and from then on has been used without any stoppages. This feature makes the Kopu lighthouse the oldest lighthouse to be still used in the present-era

Middle Bay Lighthouse: This lighthouse is also known as the middle bay light or the mobile bay lighthouse. Located in Alabama, the lighthouse design is unique because it is of a screw-pile lighthouse variety. Screw-piles are those types of lighthouses whose support is screwed or fixed to the lowest part of the water or any other area where the lighthouse might be located. The Middle Bay lighthouse was first used in the year 1885 and in the year 1974, its name was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places Lighthouse: The Madang lighthouse is located in Papua New Guinea. It was built in the year 1959 as a memorial for the coastwatchers (intelligence personnel deployed at the far removed Pacific islands) during WWII. The lighthouse design is singular because it looks like a rocket standing erect on the ground from afar

Kiz Kulesi: This lighthouse is also known as the Maiden’s Tower or the Tower of Leandros (in ancient times) and is located in Turkey. It was built in 408BC and periodically has undergone a lot of restructuring work, the most recent one being in the year 1998. Today the lighthouse is used as a recreational place with restaurants and coffee shops built inside the lighthouse tower

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