Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tản mạn chuyện kiến trúc & xây dựng(35)

Landscape Planning and City Design for City Section of Yun River in Tongzhou, Beijing

Project Location: Tongzhou, Beijing City
Project Size: 13.5
Date of Design: March ,2004 - June ,2004

Shenzhen Downtown Central Square and South Axis Landscape Design

Project Location: Futian, Shenzhen City
Project Size: 45.6 ha
Date of Design: December ,2003
Owner/Client: Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Urban Planning and Land Resources

Landscape Design for Forest Park and Central Section of Olympic Park in Beijing

Project Location: Olympic Park, Beijing City
Project Size: 869ha
Date of Design: October 1 ,2003 - November 5 ,2003
Date of Complete: 2003
Award/Prize: First Prize, the International Competition
Main Designer: Kongjian Yu,Xiangjun Liu,Xiang Long

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Suzhou Baimajian Ecological Park and Longchi Scenic Area Constructive Detailed

Project Location: Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Project Size: 2 km2
Date of Design: July ,2003 - June ,2004
Date of Complete: March, 2005
Owner/Client: Suzhou Baimajian Ecological Park Tourism Development Co., Ltd.Garden Tour Development Co. Ltd
Main Designer: Liu Yujie

Shenyang Architectural University Campus Landscape Design

Project Location: Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China
Project Size: 21ha
Date of Design: January ,2003 - Semptember ,2003
Date of Complete: Semptember, 2004
Owner/Client: Shenyang Architectural University
Award/Prize: ASLA Design Honor Award, The American Society of Landscape Architecture 2005
Main Designer: Kongjian Yu, Xiaoye Han,Yi Han

The Floating Gardens -- Yongning River Park

Project Location: Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Project Size: 21.3ha
Date of Design: March ,2002 - January ,2004
Date of Complete: March, 2004
Owner/Client: The Government of Huangyan District, Taizhou City

Beijing Wenyu River Ecological Corridor (Chaoyang Section) Planning and Design

Project Location: Wenyu River in Beijing
Project Size: 1018 Ha
Date of Design: April ,2004 - June ,2004
Owner/Client: Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, People's Government of Chaoyang

Award/Prize: ASLA Design Honor Award (2006, American Society of Landscape Architects)
      Human Habitat Award (2005, The Ministry of Construction, China)
Main Designer: Kongjian Yu, Yujie Liu, Dongyun Liu

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