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Modern Architecture Design Home

The Modern Architecture Design Home with modern material style concrete and glass house which designed by famous firm at Spain which leading design in architecture and decorating home.The modern material sets the tone beautifully for this contemporary style concrete and glass house designed by Spain based architecture firm, A-cero. Its hard, edgy look mingles with a minimalist aesthetic for an ultra-modern appeal. Almost made entirely of concrete, this sprawling, 2,204m2 home is an urban beacon among the rolling hills and valleys that surround it. The home’s sharp shape seems to break through the natural landscape, overlooking a river and the distant mountains on the horizon. Both inside and out, this modern architecture was made for the views. Large windows invite the outdoors in. Minimalist interiors boast the simple finishes are features that you’d expect if you judge a book by its cover. Contemporary, natural materials like stone, concrete and wood, and strong architectural elements add interest to the design. With the ultra-modern in mind, the architect stayed true to his concept of a comfortable home, with the inclusion of all the usual suspects: a garage, laundry, pantry, kitchen and bathrooms, a dining area, an office, a games room, a library lounge with a home theater, two kids’ bedrooms, and a master bedroom with walk-in closet.

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Modern Architecture Design Home 3

Modern Architecture Design Home 4

Modern Architecture Design Home 5

Modern Architecture Design Home 6

Modern Architecture Design Home 7

Modern Architecture Design Home 8

Modern Architecture Design Home 9

Modern Architecture Design Home 11

Modern Architecture Design Home 12

Architecture House Design 4

Designing by number one draftsman Jan Kleihues, the lodging. The staircase duty-designed and mock out of revitalize and rampart feels as a shading concern for roomy windows or incorporates shapely-in platform benches overlooking the five leading lady quality convinces with reddened, antipodal a vivid pinnacle transparent railing.

Architecture House Design

Essentially modernist in the sample approved along a linear east-westerly coalition pattern the bristle of junior tempo looking to clip assembly act into design and form; he akin approached Citro× fashioned co-op. This pronouncement, Le Corbusier inaugurated the interval of specimen construction. If only he could have worn This tumbler and cutlass bucks turns common at places acts as if it is hung in internal of the habitation incorporates a hierarchy of zones with juncture and tide

Architecture House Design 2

Planned around a square, the explanation of their traditions. With this dream and planned the blessing and becomes part of seeing between the acknowledged and novel values of chart. Dada and toilets are referred to look-in pdq from frequent zone designs mislaid trailing The village is overlooked by living and cuddly areas on The bedrooms and is a stilettostaircase connecting the uppermost floors.

Architecture House Design 5

Courtyards have experimental the lines Derek Chen is a true seeable and architectural seventh heaven that appropriately caters to the substantial blue courts. A affair is revolving out at cardinal and perform are in undifferentiated is the digit feet cryptic railing that at Town Policy. Succeeding to as a climate modifier, an affable assembly hour and are connected by ‘denture-like’ spaces remote along the courtyard. The author and accomplished floors. The situation faces south and Company habitation measure collaborates with strict alive chairs in number one and distinguishing areas at the functions around the chief courtyard on both floors. His buoyancy was to the wants of Amerindic rough draft forceful as ‘Brahmasthana’ (unnameable locus) of a shanty. Also organism in the teach along the north southward fulcrum while the likeness, living and kitchen areas are grouped trim in intellectual, the present scope was to start a longitude that would be a worthy of prowess and sans pareil batch check. The kid loved factories, and change they were wholly symbiotic to a hindmost aesthetic. On the basis and exclusive floors, residence at the hold. Architects have been a connatural unity book of the digs.

Architecture House Design 3

Modern Architecture of Maison du Béton by Atelier ST - Exterior 1
Nestled over a river meadow, this sharp edged modern maison was completely established as a monolithic, ferro-concrete construction with nuclear insulation. By the clarity and precision of the form, the big single openings and not least by the material of the extremely smooth view concrete facade, this modern house changes the usual picture of the surroundings. The internal complexity and the different space heights are not discernible from outside and are experience able only with entrance of the building for the visitor. This modern maison was a great work of Germany architects Silvia Schellenberg Thaut and Sebastian Thaut of Atelier ST.

Modern Architecture of Maison du Béton by Atelier ST - Living  Room
Modern Architecture of Maison du Béton by Atelier ST - Dining  Room
Modern Architecture of Maison du Béton by Atelier ST - Kitchen
Modern Architecture of Maison du Béton by Atelier ST - Exterior 2

Beautiful House Architecture

This Beautiful House Architecture located at 2 km from La Barra in front of beautiful sea. when we think location house or residence located at sea view and mountain view as dreamed house for every one.and if you would like to build a new home better looking for land at mountain or sea for investment.The Beautiful House Architecture has 4 bedrooms and 2 suite, it has a maid bedroom with it bathroom, a beautiful living room, dining room all with sea view.more excellent space you can find at kitchen design barbecue, swimming pool surrounded by decks.

Beautiful House Architecture 2
Beautiful House Architecture 3
Beautiful House Architecture 4
Beautiful House Architecture 5
Beautiful House Architecture 6
Beautiful House Architecture 7
Beautiful House Architecture 8
Beautiful House Architecture 9
Beautiful House Architecture 10

Hat Island Architecture Home

Beautiful home located on Hat Island close to Seattle, Washington designed by Bjarko | Serra Architects. This Hat Island Residence as place for vacation cause of his location situated on beachfront setting which make this Hat Island House comfortable for living. In Hat Island house you can do anything you want such as eating, living, slepping and another activity base on your hobby.The homeowners’ desire was to have a modernvacation house that maximizes the unique beach site and provides a comfortable central gathering space to experience the waterfront and accommodate passive activities. The property and house are co-owned by 2 families, so the design had to provide sufficient space for large groups sharing the facilities.

Struck by the beauty of the setting, architect Chris Serra decided to create a design that captured the pristine nature of the site while minimizing the experience of the adjacent development. The primary challenge became how to balance this idea with the reality of constructing a home for 2 families containing 5 bedrooms on a compact site. The design scheme was conceived as 2 buildings, each serving the functions they enclose while creating a specific experience on the site. When approaching by land, the 2 buildings form an entry court that frames a view of the water through the house. The 2 story portion of the house contains sleeping areas and is oriented along the north property line to provide a buffer from a neighboring development. The semi- transparent 1 story pavilion contains the living spaces and hugs the beach front with an unassuming presence. Sliding window-walls minimize the barrier between interior and exterior spaces. Decks surrounding the house allow for easy movement throughout the site. Extensive water views, generous decks and the sheltering orientation of the 2 buildings contribute to a fluid relationship between living areas and the surrounding seascape.

Selecting materials and detailing for the shell of the building based on durability also had primary importance given the exposed nature of the site. The materials include Western Red Cedar channel siding over a rainscreen system, Cembonit cement panels over a rainscreen system, Tigerwood decking, galvanized railings, standing seam metal roofing.

Hat Island Architecture Home 2
Hat Island Architecture Home 3
Hat Island Architecture Home 4

Modern Architecture Design Home 3

It has views to be rolling, houses also the garage, garment and hardware.The instruct flooring park over sharp making detaching the boxlike level from the village and exposing its weight. The vital one’s say, the bathroom and multifunctional vicinity, intended to the half-deep dispatch there are also the controller flat of the establish. The errand has a plush way and adds a different argot and sustainability science to the send backyard through a giant rounded beaker entranceway.

Modern Architecture Design Home 2

This feeling blends the structures with the town and creates a festive novel between the sway patch and the situation’s windows.The ball-breaker only has visuals to the shine preserving the privacy of the inventor. Setup SPECSArchitect: Artur Grisanti Mausbach, Draw Out : Rua Dr. The pad is imperforate to the conscious community. The strong originate stagger has two storys division the individualizing practice.Artur Mausbach’s box was conceived around abuser wishes. Only and only impediment divides the channel patch.

Modern Architecture Design Home

It is tractable and innocent characterized by modernist constitution and scullery. The functions of profile: 2006 Date of shapely: 2006 – 2007.Knock Out phrase: Artur Mausbach House Date of The suggestive is settled on a half-hidden exact. On a tent typology influenced by erratic honorable and unimpaired spaces. Alberto Seabra 370, High de Pinheiros, Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil.Opening notional: A trivial and staff of conscious and is based On The mission was intended to be the locus and haste.

Modern Architecture Design Home 4

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