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10 ngôi làng đẹp nhất thế giới

Bibury, England (Photo: Travel Pictures Ltd / SuperStock)Bibury, England (Photo: Travel Pictures Ltd / SuperStock)

Savoca, Italy (Photo: Slavapolo /
Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia (Photo: Smandy /
Shirakawa-go (Photo: Ekaterina Pokrovsky / (Photo: Ekaterina Pokrovsky /, Switzerland (Photo: age fotostock / SuperStock)Wengen, Switzerland (Photo: age fotostock / SuperStock)

Eze, France (Photo: Samuel Strickler /, France (Photo: Samuel Strickler /
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic (Photo: Mikhail Markovskiy/ Krumlov, Czech Republic (Photo: Mikhail Markovskiy/
Pariangan, Indonesia (Photo: MichaelJLowe/WikimediaCommons)
Göreme, Turkey (Photo: Smandy /

St. George, Bermuda (Photo: George Oze / Alamy)St. George, Bermuda (Photo: George Oze / Alamy)

10. Most Beautiful Villages

The Dutch Village

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9. Most Beautiful Villages in the World

The Japanese Village

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8. World`s Most Beautiful Villages

The Ma`an Chinese Village

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7. Most Beautiful Villages in the World

The Moroccan Berber Village

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6. Most Beautiful Villages in the World

The Unusual Popeye Village of Malta Island

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5. World`s Most Beautiful Villages

Roussillon Village, France

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4. Most Beautiful Villages in the World

The White Casares Village, Spain

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3. Most Beautiful Villages

The UK Stone Village

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2. Most Beautiful Villages in the World

The Tuscany Villages, Italy

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1. The Most Beautiful Village in the Whole World

Bariachara, Colombia

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10 ngôi làng đẹp nhất TQ
The Top 10 Most Beautiful Villages in China listed here will extend your heart and soul traveling along your dreams.
1. Hongcun Village and Xidi Village (World Cultural Heritage) 安徽西递宏村
Hongcun Village and Xidi Villages are located at the foot of the southwest side of Mt. Huangshan. Wandering along these two ancient village, you will find traditional Hui-style houses, ancestral temples, academies of classical learning, stone archways, white walls and grey tiles, beautifully paned windows, projecting horse-head walls, and stone slab bridge. Besides, the carving on stones, bricks and wood is the most renowned. Tourist can appreciate these exquisite carvings on door frames, lattice walls, columns and beams in the halls.

Hongcun Village
2. Cuandixie Village ( ”Potala Palace” of Beijing ) 北京川底下村
Cuandixia Village is located between Shuangshitou Village and Baiyu Village under the jurisdiction of Zhaitang Town in Mentougou District in Beijing. Lying about 90km west of Beijing, Cuandinxia Village is an ancient village of over 400 years built in Ming and Qing Dynsties with an area of 5.3 square km.
There are about 74 coutyards with 689 rooms, most of which were built in late Qing Dynasties. Many of the local villagers, especially the young people have left the village for the development in the big cities. But there are still approxi. 29 households with 93 people living in the village. Most of the people in the village now live on the rural tourism offering accommodation and dining for the visitors.

Cuandixia Village
3. Wuyuan Villages (Most Beautiful Village in China) 江西婺源村落
Wuyuan is located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, abutting the borders of Anhui Province and Zhejiang Province. Wuyuan is reputed as the most beautiful village in China for its natural sights and ancient buildings.
The best time to visit Wuyuan is spring, especially April, when the mountains flames with azaleas, the slopes dotted with green tea trees and the fields full of yellow rapeseed flower.

Wuyuan Villages
4. Tuwa Villages (Best Autumn Hue (新疆喀纳斯图瓦村落)
Kanas Lake is located 855km northeast of Urumqi, the capital city of Xinjiang. Tuwa Village is located vy Kanas Lake Burjin County in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Tuwa people are said be a branch of the Mongolians. Experts are divided with regard to the history of the Tuwa people. But the way the Tuwa people say, they are descendants of those of Genghis Khan’s troops that got left behind on the Mongolian western expedition.
The best time to visit Tuwa Village is Spring and Autumn. Especially the antumn of Tuwa Village is like a fairyland.

Tuwa Villages
5. Danbazangzhai Villages ( Best Autumn Hue) 四川西部丹巴藏寨
Danbazangzhai is located in the east of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefectur in Sichuan Province. The village has its unique housing style combining normal village hours with the historic Diaolou(multi-storied defensive village houses.)
Best Travel Time: April and May; September and October. Danbazangzhai is famous for its numerous defensive village houses, endless forests, chessboard like rivers…

Danbazangzhai Village
6. Xijiang Qianhu Miao Villages (Gorgeous Village) 贵州西江千户苗寨
Xijiang Miao Village is situated southeast of Kaili City, 26km away from Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province. There are about 1,000 households in the village, hence the name of Qianhu Miao Village (Qianhu means one thousand”, the lareget Miao village in China as well as in the world. Now the village has 1288 households with a population of over 6,000.
The village is perched on the slope in the valley with Baishui River running through. Over the past one thousand years, the local Miao farmers have cultivated large amount of terrced fields on the mountains, forming the most idyllic farmland. Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village is also famous for the stilt house (Diaojiao House), built on the stilts of different heights, mostly by the river or on slopes or mountain areas.

Qianhu Miao Village
7. Heshun Village (Lingering Fragrance of ancient tea and horse trail) 云南和顺
Heshun Village is located 3km in the southwest of Tengchong County of Baoshan City in Yunnan Provice. It sits on the former Cha Ma Gu Dao, the ancient tea-horse-road which connected South-East Asia, nicknamed “South Silk Road”.
Heshun characterizes endurance , modesty, harmony mainly due to its special location with much influence of the trade and culture exchange through the tea-horse trail. The houses in Heshun are a mix of simple, modern with different architecture styles of Hui, Yangtze River Delta…

Heshun Ancient Village
8. Hani Villages (Beautiful Rice Terrace ) 云南元阳哈尼族村落
Hani Village is by Laoshan Mountain in Honghe Dayangjie Township of Yuanyang County, in the southeast part of Yunnan Province and inhabited by Hani ethnic group. The magnificent rice Terraces are a masterpiece of the brilliant Hani minorities, who has lived in this remarkable landscape for over 1300 years. The Hani villages are constructed on the mountainsides, the terraces are below the villages while above the village are the flourishing forests.

Rice Terraces at Hani Villages
9. Tulou Clusters ( Earth Houses) 建土楼建筑群及村落
Fujian Tulou are largely composed of the clay buildings in Yongding County and Nanjing County in the southwest Fujian Province. The Nanjing Tulou Cluster boast of three parts – Tianluocheng Tulou Cluster, Yuchanglou and Taxia Village. Roughly Nanjing Tulou Cluster are about 160km west of Xiamen and take one and 2 and half hours’ drive from Xiamen.

Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster are composed of 5 clay buildings, with a square tulou at the center and circled by 4 circular tulous, forming a pretty pattern of so called “four dishes with one soup”.

Chuxi Tulou at Yongding Fujian
10. Peitian Ancient Village 福建培田古村
The Peitian Village is located in Liancheng County of Longyan City in west Fujian. It is about 100km northeast of Longyan and 300km northeast of Xiamen. The Ming and Qing building complex has been well preserved with a history of over 800 years.

The ancient building cluster includes 30 magnificent houses, 21 ancestral halls, 6 academies of classical learning, 2 memorial archways, and a 1000- meter long ancient street paved with cobblestones.

Peitian Village
10 ngôi làng đẹp nhất Anh

1. Castle Combe, Wiltshire

Castle Combe, Wiltshire
Known as "the prettiest village in England", Castle Combe makes it to our premier place in the picturesque villages in the English country. Incredible atmosphere and unspoiled charm are among the reasons why you should visit Castle Combe. Identical houses built more than three centuries ago, narrow streets and lovely bridges will greet you as you enter the most beautiful village in Wiltshire. Constructed in the traditional Cotswold type, roofs are made of natural stone tiles while the buildings have thick wall. In the Middle Ages, the village was wool centre known for its quality production. The region of Castle Combe was populated thousands of years ago from ancient British to Roman invaders and Normans. Their print can be seen in the castle located over the village. Today all that history has been kept so that tourists can dive into the unique settings of Castle Combe and relax the old fashioned way.
2. Lower Slaughter, GloucestershireLower Slaughter, Gloucestershire
The charming little bundle in the English county Gloucestershire, Lower Slaughter is a splendid place to endure the genuine spirit of old Britain. The name of the village comes from an Old English word meaning "muddy place" as Lower Slaughter is located on both banks of River Eye. The wonderful limestone cottages are built in the typical Cotswold pattern. The scenic river divides the village and you can reach both parts by small charming bridges. You can also buy some handmade craft on them or just enjoy the simplicity and perfection of Lower Slaughter. One of the trademarks of the village is the Old Mill that has been kept in its original state since its construction. But probably the most famous site in Lower Slaughter is the Copse Hill Road which has been appointed as the Most Romantic Street in Britain for 2011. Feel the romance in Lower Slaughter where love is all around!
3. Avebury, WiltshireAvebury, Wiltshire
Avebury is another pearl in the crown made of picturesque villages in the Wiltshire County. However, Avebury has a lot more than charming rural houses and traditional English atmosphere, as the villages is surrounded by the prehistoric complex known under the same name. The monuments are considered much older than the Giza pyramids. Massive stones are arranged into circles whose purpose and reasons remain a secret to this day. Avebury is known as the heart of ancient England as the one and only Stonehenge is located just nearby its prehistoric monuments. While exploring Avebury, don't miss the Silbury Hill where the oldest roofed construction in England can be found. There are many theories, legends and even books stating that various mythical inhabitants have built the Avebury monoliths, though none of them have been proven. The specific mixture between typically English village and the unknown ancient history can be only found in Avebury!
4. Clovelly, DevonClovelly, Devon
Do you fancy lovely small village without any cars but with some splendid views towards the sea? If yes, then your place is definitely the lovely Clovelly located on the north Devon coast. During the winter, the village is often blown by strong storms and winds but during the summer it is a true heaven on Earth. With its cobbled streets and pretty steep Main Street, Clovelly is a place for walkers. Explore the village, ramble around the deep forest, watch the harbour or just embrace the simple life of Clovelly. Known for its historical sites and magical beauty, this village will welcome you not with its luxury or modernity but with its traditional appearance and donkeys carrying loads. Clovelly will tell you all about its enchanting history in its museum and the rest will be revealed before your eyes as the village tends to keep its past present. Seek and you will find!
5. Mevagissey, CornwallMevagissey, Cornwall
For the ultimate Cornish experience, Mevagissey is the right place to visit. The little harbour and the appealing tight houses are just to name the few of the things that make the village so charmingly picturesque. Mevagissey is situated east to the bay with the same name, bundled in a valley, only to make the village even more appealing for tourist. Explore the narrow streets and little shops, dine and contemplate the lovely sight formed by the buildings located on the hillsides. Being small fishing village with the genuine touch of pure relaxation, Mevagissey offers amazing spots for tourists to feel spoiled in an unspoiled area of Cornwall. The village is close to the Eden Project which can be visited easily from Mevagissey. Don't miss the chance to take a walk in the Victorian Lost Gardens of Heligan. The Cornish hamlet named after two Irish saints, is waiting to enchant you with its calmness and brightness.
6. Cadgwith, CornwallCadgwith, Cornwall
Cadgwith – a small yet appealing village in the Cornwall County is a place where the time has stopped. Picturesquely nestled on the Lizard Peninsula, it is a place where the fishermen continue to pull their boats into the sea and work for their money as it was centuries ago. From Cadgwith you can witness some of the most striking views as far as the rustic England is concerned. From the shingly beach to the white cottages with typical roofs, everything around Cadgwith is simple and relaxing as the atmosphere embraces you gently. There you will enter a living that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years and yet it remains so appealing for the one willing to escape from the modern world. All seasons Cadgwith has something to charm you with, but the summer has the most interesting cultural calendar including Morris dancing. Just enjoy, have a drink at the 400-year old pub and accept life as it is – wonderful!
7. Bourton-on-the-Water, GloucestershireBourton-on-the-Water, Gloucestershire
Bourton-on-the-Water is another tempting pearl in Gloucestershire. The picturesque river Windrush runs across the village to make it central High Street the beating heart of Bourton-on-the-Water. Because of the river, there are some arched bridges made from stone, which are the reason why this village is called "Venice of the Cotswolds". Bourton-on-the-Water may not have the glamour of the Italian coastal city but it has its unique character due to the yellow sandstone houses. Except for the traditional atmosphere, this village can praise itself as one of the best places for bird-watching in England. The Birdland Park and Gardens is just the right place to do so. One of the main attractions in Bourton-on-the-Water in the summer is playing medieval football – something you won't forget any time soon. If you are a fan of English novels, sunny summer days in Bourton-on-the-Water will make you feel as a character of one.
8. Lacock, WiltshireLacock, Wiltshire
Lacock is a complete and total delight in the heart of Wiltshire. Often a film set to movies such as Pride and Prejudice, Lacock is just the right amount of perfection you can bear with. With the black and white half-timbered houses, you are easily transported into the 18th century. From stone cottages to unspoiled green fields, you can find your own English heaven in Lacock. Actually this small village was the place where positive-negative photography was invented and some of the first pictures in the world were taken there. Don't miss to see the Tithe Barn and the 18th century Packhorse Bridge. Walk through the Victorian woodland garden and truly feel the allure of Lacock. Visit the village at the end of March when the unique scarecrow festival happens but check the theme which changes every year to make it more interesting. Indulge into the magical atmosphere of the 19th century English magnetism.
9. Hawkshead, CumbriaHawkshead, Cumbria
Hawkshead is one of the most picturesque villages in Cumbria. Located in the South Lakeland region, it is yet another place in England where the time has stopped. Favourite spot of poet William Wordsworth, Hawskhead is a village you can't miss if you want to fully explore the rustic side of England. Offering stunning views towards the area, the village preserves its archways, chaotic scattered houses and tiny squares. Hawskhead has car-free policy and with its location in the very centre of the lake region, it is just the right spot for a quiet and peaceful vacation. From the old churches to the significant school buildings and the traditional cafes and tea rooms, Hawkshead will enchant you instantly. The whitewashed houses and narrow cobbled streets, being a historical market town, Hawkshead still possesses its unique atmosphere that has attracted people to the area since forever. No wonder why Hawkshead wears the crown for the most beautiful one in the Lake District!
10. Dunster, SomersetDunster, Somerset
The lovely village of Dunster is located at the end of the splendid national park Exmoor. Near the Devon coast but away from the winds, Dunster is the most vivid village in Somerset. Some say that it has been lost in the Middle Ages though it has rather more combined best from both worlds – the specific historical edge and some comforts of the new ages. Like every picturesque village, Dunster has a splendid castle and a stunning bridge while the centre of the village has a beautiful cross. Once a wool centre, Dunster has the ideal market street which is a genuine travel back in the old days. From the woods to the castle with the subtropical garden, Dunster is calm and romantic, ideal for a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Naturally, the best time to visit Dunster is the summer when the area is coloured in the bright shades of summer.


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